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Welcome August & Shannon!

Welcome August & Shannon!

Let’s give a warm welcome to August and Shannon! Our two newest team members!

A little bit about August, Trainer at West Jordan:
My values are kindness,health,and learning. I believe health is the foundation of many things in life. I practice Bikram Yoga every day! I also enjoy eating vegetables all day! (I know that’s weird) I’m very happy to be apart of the Thryve Fitness community and plan on working my hardest to be the best possible trainer I can be!

Shannon, Group Fitness Instructor at Sandy:
Shannon helps people to use yoga as a tool to hear the words of compassion and empathy spoken within. Shannon helps her students use yoga as a tool to become more comfortable with the inevitable uncertainty of life. Once smitten with a serious case of wanderlust that took her from Canada to Kyoto, the Andes, Los Angeles and dozens of other countries, Shannon has discovered that what we are seeking is with us here and now. Every emotion and experience have a lesson for us, and when words fail, a smile will take you a long way, in a strange country far away, or even just on your mat in a darkened room.




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